Reverse Engineering Fire Emblem

Code can be found on Github: Repository

Swordirk was a project I started in college for the purpose of learning HTML5 and mentoring a few underclassmen in programming in a group.

The inspiration of this game was definitely Fire Emblem - I was trying to reverse engineer the first level. Since childhood, I've been in love with the genre of turn-based tactics. Some notable games are Fire Emblem, Advanced Wars, Heroes of Might and Magic (II, III, and V), and the Three Kingdoms Eiketsuden series by KOEI.

To demo, download code and open "index.html" on Chrome.

UPDATE 2017-09-15 - I'm looking to produce an original HTML5 tactics game that combines gameplay elements from turn-based strategy, roguelikes and MOBAs. While the game itself is already a cause for excitement and anticipation, what I'm really excited about is creating rich telemetry tooling around the game and using the results of that telemetry to better reason about game balancing as well as new features and content. (Naturally, the next step afterwards would be to apply ML...)