A Simple Portfolio Website

Code can be found on Github: ORIGINAL REPO | HTML-ONLY REPO

Selfkirk is coincidentally both a portfolio website and the first item in my portfolio. This was intentional -- I've always liked tackling interesting projects, but I tend to get bored halfway through and leave the projects unfinished, like half-carved marble, sitting in my Github or workstation.

Programming was a hobby, and I gave very little weight to the outcome of the activity, much like how I never cared whether I truly finished a video game. In my mind, there had been no cost to stopping work on a personal project, and only marginal benefit in completing it.

Recently, I've transitioned into a different perspective when I started thinking about the possibility of changing careers and going into entrepreneurship. Each side project is another opportunity to generate passive income, another chance to meet interesting people, another adventure to experience new things, another, another, another...

Selfkirk might seem like a run-of-the mill portfolio template to most people. To me, it symbolizes the preface to the epic of my life.