HEX 2048
2048 Clone on a Hexgrid Grid

Code can be found on Github: Repository


I'm trying to build a series of games as a way to learn, and 2048, a simple game that took the world by storm, was a good starting place. After programming 2048 [Github Repo], I realized that variants of 2048 often changed simple things like the appearance of tiles. I wanted to do something different.

So, I decided to implemented the 2048 logic on a hexgrid, where each tile borders six other tiles, not four. Thus, in HEX 2048, there are also six cardinal directions which forces the user to play with "QWE/ASD" arrow keys. Luckily, these keys are rather intuitive to use as controls because their positioning forms the shape of a hexagon for a normal QWERTY keyboard.

This is one of the first projects I've wanted to display to the public, and I will most likely submit this to Reddit/Hacker News at the very least for people to try the game out and provide feedback.